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Paint Correction

VN YCB Paint Cor¬≠rec¬≠tion ‚Äď This is a great tool for giv¬≠ing the car a pristine beauty and pro¬≠tect¬≠ing the paint¬≠work from the neg¬≠at¬≠ive effects of the environment.

Paint Cor­rec­tion it is car­ried out with the help of a mas­ter pol­ish­ing of the paint and var­nish coat­ing, fol­lowed by the applic­a­tion of a spe­cial pro­tect­ive com­pos­i­tion. Such pol­ish­ing removes all scratches and small chips, which makes the coat­ing very smooth. A smooth coat­ing per­fectly pro­tects against water, dust accu­mu­la­tion and dirt stick­ing. It also makes it easy to remove dirt from the surface.

The pol­ish­ing pro­cess elim­in­ates dam­age to the paint­work, which pro­tects it from cor­ro­sion. And the most attract­ive thing is that pro­fes­sion­al pol­ish­ing makes the car look like you just bought it.

That is why we recom­mend not to neg­lect the car body pol­ish­ing ser­vice, because such a pro­ced­ure allows not only to restore the aes­thet­ic appear­ance of the paint­work, but also to give addi­tion­al pro­tect­ive properties.

Ceramic coating

VN YCB Ceram¬≠ic Coat is the ulti¬≠mate nano car paint pro¬≠tec¬≠tion system.

Ceram­ic coat­ings are a highly effect­ive last stage pro­tec­tion that pro­tects against the harm­ful effects of acid rain, bird drop­pings, scratches, UV Dam­age, and bad wash­ing techniques.

Ceram­ic Coat con­tains a spe­cial for­mu­la­tion of cross-linked sil­ic­one poly­mers that cre­ate a dur­able and pro­tect­ive bar­ri­er between your vehicle’s paint­work and the ele­ments. Once applied the ceram­ic coat will provide 3 years dur­able and hassle-free protection.

Detailing of wheels

When the body is already shiny, and the wheels are not attract¬≠ive, then this spoils the whole impres¬≠sion. That‚Äôs why VN YCB Detail¬≠ing of Wheels is an indis¬≠pens¬≠able ser¬≠vice to achieve the hol¬≠ist¬≠ic and irres¬≠ist¬≠ible beauty of your car.

Detail¬≠ing of Wheels includes a thor¬≠ough treat¬≠ment of tires with a pro¬≠tect¬≠ive ink, pro¬≠fes¬≠sion¬≠al pol¬≠ish¬≠ing of wheels and coat¬≠ing them with pro¬≠tect¬≠ive ceram¬≠ics. Thanks to the black¬≠en¬≠ing of tires, they acquire not only a rich and deep black col¬≠or, but are also able to with¬≠stand the extern¬≠al envir¬≠on¬≠ment, while main¬≠tain¬≠ing their fresh look for a long time.

As a final touch, a pro¬≠tect¬≠ive ceram¬≠ic lay¬≠er is applied to the discs, which will pro¬≠tect the sur¬≠face from scratches, water, and chem¬≠ic¬≠al stains for sev¬≠er¬≠al years. In addi¬≠tion, the ceram¬≠ic coat¬≠ing will enhance the wow effect of pol¬≠ish¬≠ing and the discs will acquire an impress¬≠ive candy shine. And against the back¬≠ground of blackened tires, the wheels will shine in full force!

Con¬≠sid¬≠er¬≠ing all the advant¬≠ages, we highly recom¬≠mend order¬≠ing the Detail¬≠ing of Wheels ser¬≠vice, because only by pay¬≠ing atten¬≠tion to every detail, the car will acquire a respect¬≠able look!

Trim Coating

VN YCB Trim Coat¬≠ing ‚Äď is nano ceram¬≠ic Si02 coat¬≠ing for tex¬≠tured exter¬≠i¬≠or trim: for bump¬≠ers, side mold¬≠ings, door handles, wind¬≠shield cowls, ton¬≠neau cov¬≠ers, bed rails and basic¬≠ally any tex¬≠tured exter¬≠i¬≠or plastic trim.

Our trim coat¬≠ing pre¬≠serves the col¬≠our of new trim, restores the col¬≠our of faded trim, and pro¬≠tects from fur¬≠ther fad¬≠ing from expos¬≠ure to UV rays and the ele¬≠ments. Ever¬≠last¬≠ing Trim Coat¬≠ing res¬≠ists chem¬≠ic¬≠als and envir¬≠on¬≠ment¬≠al con¬≠tam¬≠in¬≠ants and best of all, it doesn‚Äôt streak or wash off!

You want every aspect car to be per¬≠fect? You want your trim to look as good as new, nice and dark without any signs of fad¬≠ing? VN YCB will do it for you! 

Glass –°oating

VN YCB Glass –°oat¬≠ing ‚Äď is a nano-tech¬≠no¬≠lo¬≠gic¬≠al coat¬≠ing that reduces glass wear, pro¬≠tects against grease stains, facil¬≠it¬≠ates the remov¬≠al of snow, ice and adher¬≠ing insects, glass requires less wash¬≠ing and stays clean for a long time, neut¬≠ral¬≠izes glare dur¬≠ing rain and pro¬≠tects the driver from glare from oncom¬≠ing cars.

Before coat­ing, the glass is care­fully pol­ished. Such pol­ish­ing removes small scratches such as cob­webs and micro-chips, as well as matte rub­bing from wipers, scuffs from using brushes or a scraper, matte depos­its, stains and muddy stains from chem­ic­al reagents, and glare from oncom­ing headlights.

That is why we recom­mend using our Glass Coat­ing ser­vice, because pol­ish­ing and a pro­tect­ive coat­ing allow not only to restore the aes­thet­ic appear­ance and crys­tal trans­par­ency to glasses, but also to give them addi­tion­al pro­tect­ive properties.

Interior valet

VN YCB Interi¬≠or valet ‚Äď is not just a com¬≠plete dry clean¬≠ing of your car interi¬≠or, it is also a thor¬≠ough care for all interi¬≠or details ‚Äď clean¬≠ing, pol¬≠ish¬≠ing and protection.

Interi­or valet includes a whole com­plex of interi­or care. This is the clean­ing of seats, ceil­ing and floor, plastic and lacquered pan­els, as well as all met­al parts. For clean­ing, we use effect­ive chem­ic­als that can remove even old stains, as well as power­ful equip­ment: a wash­ing vacu­um clean­er, a steam gen­er­at­or, an auto-hair dry­er, and more. We pro­fes­sion­ally clean both tex­tiles and leath­er. After wash­ing and clean­ing, we pol­ish the chrome parts and cov­er them with a pro­tect­ive coat­ing. We also cov­er all tex­tile or leath­er sur­faces with spe­cial water-repel­lent pro­tect­ive compounds.

A neat, well-groomed interi­or will allow every­one in the car to feel as com­fort­able as pos­sible and cre­ate the most favor­able impres­sion of the car own­er himself.

Leather & Fabric deep clean, protection and coating

Leath¬≠er & fab¬≠ric coat¬≠ing pro¬≠tec¬≠tion is nan¬≠o¬≠tech¬≠no¬≠logy based and is an extremely dur¬≠able Super Hydro¬≠phobic product pro¬≠tect¬≠ing against sweat, salt, water, liquids, dirt, bac¬≠teria, and stains.

Before apply¬≠ing the coat¬≠ing, a man¬≠dat¬≠ory dry clean¬≠ing is car¬≠ried out. This is neces¬≠sary in order to qual¬≠it¬≠at¬≠ively remove all exist¬≠ing con¬≠tam¬≠in¬≠ants. After apply¬≠ing a pro¬≠tect¬≠ive coat¬≠ing, the skin will retain its excel¬≠lent appear¬≠ance much longer. Main¬≠ten¬≠ance of the skin will cost less than sub¬≠sequent res¬≠tor¬≠a¬≠tion, and you will get an excel¬≠lent appear¬≠ance as a bonus. To tex¬≠tiles, the pro¬≠tect¬≠ive coat¬≠ing gives an excel¬≠lent water-repel¬≠lent effect, and it is no longer scary if a sloppy pas¬≠sen¬≠ger or child acci¬≠dent¬≠ally spills cof¬≠fee, cola, or juice on the seat. The guard will pre¬≠vent spilled liquid from soak¬≠ing into the uphol¬≠stery fab¬≠ric but will keep it on the sur¬≠face until you wipe the seat with a cloth.

This super coat­ing is recom­men­ded for both new and used vehicles. The pro­tect­ive com­pos­i­tion pre­vents pre­ma­ture wear and dam­age to the leath­er or tex­tile interi­or, as well as plastic parts. The ser­vice life of the coat­ing with prop­er oper­a­tion is from 6 to 18 months.

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Thanks for choos­ing us! Reviews and recom­mend­a­tions of our cus­tom­ers are the most valu­able and import­ant for us. Thank you for your kind sin­cere words and object­ive assess­ment of our work. You help us become even better!

I work as a pro­fes­sion­al chauffeur
I work as a pro¬≠fes¬≠sion¬≠al chauf¬≠feur, mostly in cent¬≠ral Lon¬≠don, and it is imper¬≠at¬≠ive that the vehicle is immacu¬≠late. Not only are the products high qual¬≠ity, but what I appre¬≠ci¬≠ate is the amount of time I save apply¬≠ing them. It‚Äôs amaz¬≠ing how quick they work. 
Igor Raizer­ov
Fant­ast­ic service…
Quick and fast ser¬≠vice I had scratches on my car over night call the com¬≠pany in the morn¬≠ing they arrived after couples hours pol¬≠ished and detail¬≠ing paint with spe¬≠cial equip¬≠ment looks like new peace of mind Thanks 
Shehan Jay
Bril­liant service
Bril¬≠liant ser¬≠vice! Really makes the car look fab¬≠ulous!!! Has he‚Äôs owe products which makes the car look show¬≠room con¬≠di¬≠tion! Com¬≠pet¬≠it¬≠ive pri¬≠cing. All the best! 
Artan Myha
Great ser¬≠vice matched with great‚Ķ
Great ser¬≠vice matched with great products. Would I recom¬≠mend yes all day gong. 
Mr Muslim Peerma­homed
The best ser­vice for al car cleaning…
The best ser¬≠vice for al car clean¬≠ing and reiable with good exper¬≠i¬≠ence of the busi¬≠ness aroud i recom¬≠men¬≠ded for everybody 
Dari­us Stap­u­tis
Quick and reli¬≠able work
Quick and reli¬≠able work, if you can see your reflec¬≠tion on the car you can bravely say amazing 
Mat­ilda Vec­ani
I was delighted with the ser¬≠vice I‚Ķ
I was delighted with the ser¬≠vice I received from VN your car beauty and I would recom¬≠mend to any¬≠body. Great price too. 
Tom Gee
Top qual­ity service
Top qual¬≠ity ser¬≠vice. Really nice job done to my car at very good price. Scratches removed, all paint¬≠work detailed and pro¬≠tect¬≠ive coat¬≠ing applied. Car looks like new again. 100% recommended 
S Buzhala
Excel¬≠lent ser¬≠vice this guy is‚Ķ
Excel¬≠lent ser¬≠vice Those days you need a pro¬≠fes¬≠sion¬≠al people and I here they are Thank you Well done boys Highly recom¬≠mend you to everyone. 
For your Car needs these guys are best in London
These guys are very pro¬≠fes¬≠sion¬≠al and pas¬≠sion¬≠ate. I have used them on sev¬≠er¬≠al occa¬≠sions and every time they passed with fly¬≠ing col¬≠ours. Mr Val¬≠das will be recom¬≠men¬≠ded to my friends and fam¬≠ily for there car needs inside or the out¬≠side. Paint to pol¬≠ish. Best com¬≠pany I have come across London. 
Abbas Kay­ani
They have detail¬≠ing on my car a great‚Ķ
They have detail¬≠ing on my car a great job.would def¬≠in¬≠itely recommend. 
Danut Motoc
Excel­lent ser­vice ‚very professional…
Excel¬≠lent ser¬≠vice ‚Äövery pro¬≠fes¬≠sion¬≠al people and products Highly recom¬≠mend you to everyone. 
Olga Witek
Excel­lent service
I needed to get a deep scratch repaired on my car and chose VN your Car Beauty. Deal¬≠ing with Val¬≠das was easy, he explained what needed to be done in an easy to under¬≠stand man¬≠ner. Work¬≠man¬≠ship was excel¬≠lent and I would def¬≠in¬≠itely recom¬≠mend this com¬≠pany as a reput¬≠able com¬≠pany deliv¬≠er¬≠ing a 5 star service 

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