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Glass coating

VN YCB Glass Coat­ing is a nano-tech­no­lo­gic­al coat­ing that reduces glass wear, pro­tects against grease stains, facil­it­ates the remov­al of snow, ice and adher­ing insects, glass requires less wash­ing and stays clean for a long time, neut­ral­izes glare dur­ing rain and pro­tects the driver from glare from oncom­ing cars.

Ceramic coating advantages & benefits

Car glasses, and espe­cially the wind­shield, are con­stantly exposed to dust, sand and small debris, which leave small scratches and chips. Even from the impact of the wipers, dam­age is formed in the form of dull pastes. When using brushes or a scraper, abra­sions are formed. And chem­ic­als can leave stains and cloudy stains.

If you do not pro­tect the glass of the car in advance, then from such mech­an­ic­al and chem­ic­al influ­ences, they lose their trans­par­ency and their appear­ance deteriorates.

Restoration of transparency

Scratches, abra­sions and oth­er defects lead not only to a deteri­or­a­tion in the appear­ance of the glass, but also to the loss of its optic­al prop­er­ties. After pro­fes­sion­al pol­ish­ing, defects are elim­in­ated, the sur­face becomes smooth, and the glass returns to its trans­par­ency. The effect of the lens after such pol­ish­ing is excluded, there­fore, the glass will not dis­tort the pic­ture when look­ing at the road. Moreover, as a res­ult of pol­ish­ing, the glass will become so trans­par­ent and clean that you can cre­ate the feel­ing of its com­plete absence!

Stain protection

Thanks to the nano-tech­no­lo­gic­al coat­ing, the glass will be pro­tec­ted from acid stains, chem­ic­al depos­its and min­er­al inclu­sions that cre­ate haze, spoil the appear­ance and impair vis­ib­il­ity of the road. Glass acquires such pro­tect­ive prop­er­ties with the help of our agent, which con­sists of chem­ic­ally res­ist­ant to acids – sil­ic­on diox­ide Si02.

Protection against mechanical damage

The sil­ic­on diox­ide ceram­ic coat­ing is not only res­ist­ant to chem­ic­al, but also to mech­an­ic­al stress. After apply­ing the product and its crys­tal­liz­a­tion, a sol­id lay­er is formed, which allows it to with­stand the mech­an­ic­al effects of dust, sand and debris particles. The hard­ness of such a coat­ing is 9H. Yes, this will not save you from rough mech­an­ic­al impact, but it will def­in­itely pro­tect the glass from the neg­at­ive effects of the environment.

Protection against water, dirt and insects

The undoubted advant­age is the clean­li­ness of car win­dows for a long time after wash­ing. This is due to the fact that water, dust and oth­er con­tam­in­ants do not linger on a smooth pol­ished sur­face. Such a per­fectly pol­ished sur­face is much easi­er to clean and retains a clean look for a long time. Moreover, on a rainy day, water drops do not stay well on the glass sur­face. Small drops are col­lec­ted in large and flow down. And the wipers will even more effect­ively cope with any precipitation.

Glare protection in the rain

Not least an import­ant prop­erty of the ceram­ic wind­shield coat­ing is that it neut­ral­izes glare dur­ing rain and pro­tects the driver from blind­ing oncom­ing cars. This ensures com­fort­able driv­ing even in the most adverse weath­er con­di­tions, reduces eye strain and fatigue, espe­cially at night.

Some car own­ers do not yet know that glass pol­ish­ing is tan­tamount to buy­ing new glass, with one dif­fer­ence – glass replace­ment will cost much more than its full restoration.
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Stages of ceramic coating of car glass and what is included in the service

There is no need to wait for the glass to begin to lose its appear­ance and its optic­al prop­er­ties, because this can be pre­ven­ted. We recom­mend pre-order­ing the ser­vice of ceram­ic coat­ing of car glass. But if time has already been lost, then our glass pol­ish­ing ser­vice will return them to their former aes­thet­ic appear­ance and restore transparency.

Depend­ing on the nature and extent of the dam­age to your car win­dows, VN YCB’s pol­ish­ing and pro­tec­tion spe­cial­ists offer the most effect­ive meth­ods to achieve the best res­ult and save you time and money. We use advanced tech­no­lo­gies and only high-qual­ity mater­i­als that will help trans­form and pro­tect the glass of your car.

Car glass inspection, evaluation and consultation

First, we need to con­duct a pre­lim­in­ary inspec­tion and assess the degree of dam­age to the glass of your car, since each situ­ation is indi­vidu­al. After the assess­ment, con­sid­er­ing your wishes, you will receive pro­fes­sion­al advice from the master.

Car glass cleaning and degreasing

Our spe­cial­ists remove all con­tam­in­ants and degrease the glass sur­face with spe­cial clean­ing com­pounds. We also clean the inside of the glass. Dam­aged areas of glass are treated with com­pounds that elim­in­ate haze on the sur­face. Finally, dry the glass.

Car glass polishing

At this stage, a thor­ough inspec­tion of the sur­face of the car win­dows and an assess­ment of the con­di­tion are already being car­ried out. Depend­ing on the nature and degree of dam­age, vari­ous types of pol­ish­ing are used. Pol­ish­ing any car glass requires the use of an abras­ive paste. The com­pos­i­tion is applied using the neces­sary equip­ment and dis­penser. Scratches are pro­cessed with pol­ish­ing wheels. Prac­tic­al exper­i­ence on the part of a spe­cial­ist is import­ant. Tool move­ment requires pre­ci­sion. The impact is per­formed with uni­form pres­sure. A detail­ing cen­ter spe­cial­ist inspects the wind­shield, eval­u­ates the effect­ive­ness of its pol­ish­ing. Then the sur­face is treated with a spe­cial clean­ing agent and wiped dry.

Glass pol­ish­ing is not a pan­acea, abras­ive sur­face treat­ment allows you to remove only the top­most lay­er up to 0.3 mm thick. For deep scratches, spe­cial pastes can be used. Defects will become less notice­able, but will not com­pletely disappear.

Application of a protective ceramic coating

Depend­ing on your wishes, we can apply from one to three lay­ers of ceram­ics. The applic­a­tion pro­cess of one lay­er is about two hours, and if addi­tion­al lay­ers are required, then the applic­a­tion time is much longer. For a ceram­ic coat­ing to last about three years, one lay­er of coat­ing is enough, but if you want to extend the ser­vice life, then addi­tion­al lay­ers of ceram­ic will be required. First, we evenly apply the liquid com­pos­i­tion of ceram­ics to the entire sur­face using spe­cial tools, then we wait until the com­pos­i­tion crys­tal­lizes and becomes sol­id. Then we carry out fin­ish­ing pol­ish­ing and washing.

Thanks to this approach, the win­dows of your car will shine with nov­elty! Come to us and appre­ci­ate the qual­ity of work!

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Photos “before” and “after” glass polishing and the application of ceramic coating

The res­ult is worth it!
Glass coat­ing made!

Prices for glass coating

We offer to study the cost of ceram­ic coat­ing of a car glass and find a suit­able option. Every situ­ation is dif­fer­ent, every cli­ent is unique. The amount depends on the class of the car and the amount of dam­age. To find out the approx­im­ate cost of the ser­vice for your car, you can use our price calculator.

Sorry, the ser­vice price cal­cu­lat­or is not avail­able at the moment.


We love what we do. Rate it with us on photo reports! See how you can pro­tect your car glass from mech­an­ic­al dam­age by per­form­ing a ceram­ic pol­ish­ing pro­ced­ure. Exper­i­ence the effect of apply­ing ceram­ic to your car glass at our VN Your Car Beauty Cen­ter by watch­ing branded themed videos. We have cre­ated an inter­est­ing selec­tion that helps to see the work of mas­ters from the out­side. Come vis­it us and appre­ci­ate the effect!


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I work as a pro­fes­sion­al chauffeur
I work as a pro­fes­sion­al chauf­feur, mostly in cent­ral Lon­don, and it is imper­at­ive that the vehicle is immacu­late. Not only are the products high qual­ity, but what I appre­ci­ate is the amount of time I save apply­ing them. It’s amaz­ing how quick they work. 
Igor Raizer­ov
Fant­ast­ic service…
Quick and fast ser­vice I had scratches on my car over night call the com­pany in the morn­ing they arrived after couples hours pol­ished and detail­ing paint with spe­cial equip­ment looks like new peace of mind Thanks 
Shehan Jay
Bril­liant service
Bril­liant ser­vice! Really makes the car look fab­ulous!!! Has he’s owe products which makes the car look show­room con­di­tion! Com­pet­it­ive pri­cing. All the best! 
Artan Myha
Great ser­vice matched with great…
Great ser­vice matched with great products. Would I recom­mend yes all day gong. 
Mr Muslim Peerma­homed
The best ser­vice for al car cleaning…
The best ser­vice for al car clean­ing and reiable with good exper­i­ence of the busi­ness aroud i recom­men­ded for everybody 
Dari­us Stap­u­tis
Quick and reli­able work
Quick and reli­able work, if you can see your reflec­tion on the car you can bravely say amazing 
Mat­ilda Vec­ani
I was delighted with the ser­vice I…
I was delighted with the ser­vice I received from VN your car beauty and I would recom­mend to any­body. Great price too. 
Tom Gee
Top qual­ity service
Top qual­ity ser­vice. Really nice job done to my car at very good price. Scratches removed, all paint­work detailed and pro­tect­ive coat­ing applied. Car looks like new again. 100% recommended 
S Buzhala
Excel­lent ser­vice this guy is…
Excel­lent ser­vice Those days you need a pro­fes­sion­al people and I here they are Thank you Well done boys Highly recom­mend you to everyone. 
For your Car needs these guys are best in London
These guys are very pro­fes­sion­al and pas­sion­ate. I have used them on sev­er­al occa­sions and every time they passed with fly­ing col­ours. Mr Val­das will be recom­men­ded to my friends and fam­ily for there car needs inside or the out­side. Paint to pol­ish. Best com­pany I have come across London. 
Abbas Kay­ani
They have detail­ing on my car a great…
They have detail­ing on my car a great job.would def­in­itely recommend. 
Danut Motoc
Excel­lent ser­vice ‚very professional…
Excel­lent ser­vice ‚very pro­fes­sion­al people and products Highly recom­mend you to everyone. 
Olga Witek
Excel­lent service
I needed to get a deep scratch repaired on my car and chose VN your Car Beauty. Deal­ing with Val­das was easy, he explained what needed to be done in an easy to under­stand man­ner. Work­man­ship was excel­lent and I would def­in­itely recom­mend this com­pany as a reput­able com­pany deliv­er­ing a 5 star service 

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